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In Between

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In Between

Hello Friends, 

Here we are in the middle of winter, a cold day, and a time of rest for the earth, an in between time.  We are blessed to be in this time of rest for the land, a time to rejuvenate.  As much as I know it is needed, I can’t help but look forward to spring when the earth comes back to life and the days begin to warm.   

We are at an in between time for the church, as well.  The time of Advent and Christmas is over and we look forward to the time of Lent, the period of time before Easter.  At Christmas we celebrated the birth of the Christ child.  At Easter we will celebrate the risen Christ. 

It makes me think of the scripture out of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 that says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  It goes on to list what those seasons are, but in my mind at least, it does not mention a time to rest and a time to get active.  Despite the turmoil our world has been in over the past two years, the uncertainties we have faced, this might be a time for the church and the world to rest for a time before it is time to get active again.  Perhaps Lent will be a time to become active. 

A couple of things LTUMC’s Health Ministry Team is doing as the season of Lent is approaching is purchasing Lenten devotionals as gifts for our shut-ins and for those that would like to read them through the season. The Health Ministry Team will also prepare a small care package with signed cards for each of the workers at Lindsborg Community Hospital to thank them for all their hard work of caring for the community during the stressful time of Covid. 

During this season I am thankful for all the kind and caring people out there who are giving back to our community. 


Pastor Dallas